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Moldy Stucco Example Picture - Palmetto Pressure Clean


The exterior of your home is highly susceptible to mold, mildew, fungus, bugs nests, webs and other unpleasant coverings.  Vinyl siding, in particular, has a tendency to accumulate these things faster than you realize.  It is important to have your home's exterior cleaned on an annual basis to protect and extend the life of your investment.  It is even MORE important to have it cleaned properly.  We will not high pressure blast the siding of your home. Using a low pressure system, we gently apply the proper soaps and mildewcides to eliminate mold, mildew, spider webs, dirt and other unwanted house guests. Rinse aids and water softeners infused in our house wash soap add shine to your windows and greatly reduce spotting.  We then thoroughly rinse your entire home using low pressure, leaving your home looking new and refreshed.  Included in our service is detailed attention to any particularly stubborn areas.  Your gutters require specific attention.  We use a brush to apply a gutter specific cleaning agent to remove any discoloration and oxidation, returning them to their original luster and shine.

A house wash from Palmetto Pressure Clean will not only beautify and prevent the damaging effects of mold and mildew on your home, but also create a healthier living environment for your family and pets.  In addition, our house wash process is plant and pet safe. 

Click here to view a video demonstration and before and after pictures of  house washing.

Gum Removal Concrete Example Picture - Palmetto Pressure Clean


Businesses in the Midlands rely on appealing to their customers through projecting a professional appearance.  We understand this importance and excel in cleaning retail and office exteriors, specializing in gum (pictured left) and grime removal on concrete surfaces.  Your customers may not notice when your exteriors and concrete walkways are maintained, but they will definitely take notice when they are not.  We also pressure wash trucks which are part of a commercial fleet.   We are fully insured and licensed to provide these services in many areas of the Midlands and would be happy to provide a free demonstration of our ability to meet your needs. 

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Grime and Dirt on Concrete Driveway Example Picture - Palmetto Pressure Clean


Whether a part of a business or home, your driveway and walkways are often the first thing a person or customer will see when stepping onto your property.  You may not even realize the potential your driveway or sidewalk has to be gleaming and bright again.  We have hot water capabilities of up to 200˚F coupled with an advanced surface cleaning attachment.  These features, with the proper specialized cleaning agents, give us the ability to effectively eliminate and remove mold, mildew, (these living organisms spores can end up in your home/business through foot traffic) tire marks, chewing gum, stains and thoroughly clean and brighten surfaces. An additional step may be required to remove irrigation rust and mineral staining.

Click here to view a video demonstration and before and after pictures of concrete cleaning.

Black Roof Stains Example Picture - Palmetto Pressure Clean


The black streaks and staining on your roof are a type of algae, Gloeocapsa magma to be exact.  The microscopic spores are deposited on your roof after being carried through the air in the breeze.  Why does it stay?  One of the components of asphalt shingles is limestone, a food source for the algae. You will notice that one side of your roof may have a more prevalent algae problem. This is the North side which receives less sunlight than the rest of your roof.  Therefore, it stays moist longer from morning dew and rainfall. Food + moisture = the algae flourishes.  Eventually the algae develops a black sheath as a defense against the sun's UV rays. Rainfall spreads the spores down and across your roof resulting in unsightly streaks. Palmetto Pressure Clean can help.

Using a NO PRESSURE cleaning method recommended by the ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) and GAF (America's largest roofing manufacturer), we can clean your roof and restore a new look to your home.  We have the equipment and experience to clean  steep roofs safely.

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Dirt and Grime on Brick Walkway Example Picture - Palmetto Pressure Clean


Grime, mildew and mold love to build up on brick structures, steps and walks.  If these are left to sit over long periods of time, they will not only cause the brick to appear old and ugly, but will also cause the material to erode.  Buildup on brick walks can also be a potential hazard by becoming a slippery surface.  We excel in making any brick look new again.  We use the correct cleaning methods as to not damage the mortar joints.  Sand faced brick requires special attention.

Click here to view before and after pictures of brick cleaning.

Clogged Gutter Example Picture - Palmetto Pressure Clean


Properly installed gutters are an excellent addition to any home.  They divert the flow of rain water to help prevent mold and mildew growth.  They help prevent mineral stains on your siding from the splash of dirt during rainfall.  Properly diverted rain water even helps prevent wood rot.  However, gutters clogged with wet leaves and debris have no benefit.  Clogged gutters on your home produce quite the opposite effect.  They actually amplify the problems clean gutters correct.  A rain gutter clogged with wet decaying leaves and debris is the ideal breeding ground for mosquitos, mold and mildew, which in turn leads to wood rot.  In conclusion, clogged gutters are worse for your home than no gutters at all.  Call us today to schedule a thorough gutter cleaning and flush.  We also service the exteriors of gutters as part of our safe low pressure house wash application; please see the HOMES information above.

Click here to view before and after pictures of  interior gutter cleaning.

Patio Example Picture - Palmetto Pressure Clean


Why should you have to spend time outside relaxing amidst mold and mildew? The decorative surfaces of your outdoor property deserve the special attention to detail that we provide.  We work hard to make your patio and/or pool deck ready for entertaining.

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Rocking Chair "Other" Example Picture - Palmetto Pressure Clean


Palmetto Pressure Clean can help property owners and businesses with heavy equipment, playgrounds, patio furniture, stadium seating, and dumpster pads.  We also have the ability to brighten aluminum, including pontoon boat tubes to eradicate lime deposits, waterline stains, oxidation and scum.  Another service we offer is deck and fence restoration.  Do you remember the look of your fence, deck or dock when it was first installed? It probably was not gray.  Let us properly strip, brighten, seal/stain and restore your wood.  We believe in and practice the proper techniques in wood restoration. Wood is an especially sensitive surface and the wrong methods can leave it in worse shape than it was before.  Not only will you add years to the life of your wood, but also your neighbors will wonder when you put the new fence/deck/dock in!

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